Our puppies are all raised inside our home and are a huge part of our lives!

We spend hours with them daily working on exposing them to all possible sounds, smells and other stimulus so that when they are ready to go to their new homes things are much less scary and they can happily integrate into their new lives with you.

If you are interested in our puppies, please complete a puppy application form here.


Carla Kiser-Davis

Shayna, the owner of Burnbright Kennels is one of the best people I know to find your new best friend from! I was lucky to find her and send a application through GoodDog.com. She immediately gave me a call to screen me and see if I was ready for this daring, feisty, loyal and loving breed because she truly cares where her puppies go. We got our red girl, Cricket, in January 2021. We couldn't be happier with how she raises these dogs. They are well cared for, and she ensures they are ready and confident to face the world in their new homes. She is available to answer any questions we have, even now, and I know will offer help and advice for these dogs' entire lives. In August, we picked up our blue girl, Beetle. We now have not only two puppies she raised, but they are truly sisters in every sense of the word! They have turned my our lives upside down in the best ways! We love them so much! I highly recommend working with Shayna if you are interested in the amazing Australian Cattle Dog.

Brad Ramsey

I recently got a puppy from Shayna and I couldn’t be any happier!! She was knowledgeable in every aspect of breeding, raising and living with ACDs I could think to question her about. Some people have opinions but Shayna has reasons based on years of dedication to the breed she loves so much. She is my favorite person in the world right now. Rowdy, my dog, is the coolest puppy ever. He’s not even quite 3 months and he’s everything I had hoped to find in a puppy. He’s built proof every sound I can think to expose him to. Likes people and other dogs just fine but can disengage from his surroundings when I need him to. He’s already walking on leash well and knows where his bathroom is. Plus he’s just adorable.

Sarah Weber

As a certified professional dog trainer, I can’t recommend Burnbright ACD enough. I have a couple of clients with dogs from her and they are completely in love with them!

Shayna is an incredible breeder, trainer and handler!

Amy Barton

Shayna has the most beautiful AKC Australian Cattledogs. They come pre-loved and health tested. A very high quality breeder and kennel!