Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Today's culture is absolutely ruining dogs. People are treating their dogs like people, and no matter how much you say it, or what you think, they're not kids, they're dogs.... A predator with forty-two teeth on the head and a bite pressure that can break bones.

They deserve to be treated like dogs! Somehow treating your dog like a dog has become a taboo topic and its becoming of today's mentality.

Can't say no to a dog.

I cant go with a dog in cold weather.

Can't let a dog get muddy.

Can't give a dog a job.

if your dog is in shape, he's too skinny.

We're walking through a world where giving your dog a job is cruel beyond belief, but having a 30kg overweight dog with diabetes that can't move is absolutely fine. Something totally distorted, twisted and wrong.

They are dogs! Treat them like dogs. You can't have any animals and pretend to be a baby, "Hi this is my whale hes my baby". It doesn't work like that! We need to push this current mentality back because it's literally killing dogs. Dogs are dying everyday simply because no one told them what rules they were supposed to follow or because they didn't get a job they so needed.

Let's start honoring our dogs for the absolutely amazing creatures they are. Dogs are magnificent, majestic, intelligent and robust! To me they are the best animals on earth so STOP killing them and treat them for exactly what they are.