About Us

About Us

We are located in southern Oregon along the Rogue River. We have enjoyed the loyalty and energy of ACDs for several years now.

We got our start doing breed specific rescue and rehabilitation, after several amazing dogs the research started on finding a well bred ACD form a reputable breeder that bred for temperament and drive as well as overall health. Months of research and waiting we finally found our amazing girl Shadow, she was everything we hoped for and more. Sadly we lost Shadow too soon, she will never be forgotten and always hold an ideal of what an ACD should be to us.

Currently we have four of our girls showing and one of our boys training to start trialing. We also have several young puppies that we are evaluating for their show and herding futures. As we more forward with out program we will continue to strive to breed for stable temperament, health, work drive and the highly desired “off switch” so often lacking in a high drive working dog.

The one thing though that will never change is our absolute love for these amazing dogs. Each one has a different personality, likes and dislikes, some are aloof and some are like velcro, some are calm and “lazy” some are 100 mph until its time to relax. Regardless of where this journey takes up we will always have ACDs and we will always do what is needed to keep them happy!